Iacopo in 2014 was experiencing a troubled project.
Huge money and time losses, heavy responsibility towards his clients.
It took 20 hours a day for 9 months to recover the project.

Iacopo was able to find the energy to go forward through the darkest days thanks to the listening of business podcasts such as “entrepreneurs on fire” by J.L. Dumas.
Other entrepreneurs were sharing their stories, their failures, and enlightening moments and this was inspiring and reassuring. Even big problems are not scary if you are not alone and manage to see each situation in its relativity.
Most of the entrepreneurs interviewed in the podcast were utilizing “Mastermind groups” to boost their insight, network and knowledge.

Iacopo decided that he needed to find a Mastermind group in the Kansai area but to his surprise he could not find one not just in kansai but allover Japan…
Believe it or not unfortunately, there were no mastermind groups anywhere in Japan!
The obvious solution was also the only possible: if there is no Mastermind group available, Iacopo decided to create one from scratch. This is how Kobe Mastermind was created: thanks to the resources of the site “meetup.com” and the inspiring atmosphere of the Kobe Club`s bar.

This was Kobe Mastermind`s promise:

Doing business on your own requires courage to follow your inspiration, passion and sturdiness. It is important to FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Success)
We help you keeping focused.
We care about your success MORE than about your feelings… (sometimes we can be rude but it is for your good)
Share your projects with us.

And here is the original Manifesto: Kobe-mastermind-groupDownload

Kobe Mastermind grew to 268 members (every time about 3-10 people got together) catered to Japanese and Gaijin entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and salarymen who were meditating the big step towards freedom.
We gathered twice a month in Kobe Club (since summer 2019 one session per month took place in Osaka – Minami Horie) and the participants helped the others with encouragement, advice and fresh perspectives: more than one meeting ended in tears!
People were coming when they had a problem or a doubt and somehow the other participants were able to provide an answer.

After 6 years of incubation Kobe Mastermind was forced to evolve because of the Corona virus “social distance” policy.
From March 2020 Kobe Mastermind is on ZOOM and we are having even greater participation and involvement. From may 1st this homepage was created to provide the community of Kobe Mastermind a concrete foundation for collaborative projects.