3) should I join or not?

We recommend you to join a mastermind if:
  • You want to get your business up and running
  • You want to grow both professionally and personally
  • You want to brainstorm creative solutions with your peers
  • You want to be held accountable and reach bigger goals
  • You want to increase your income and find your own path to success
  • You want an encouraging team working on your behalf
  • You are ready to help other members
  • You enjoy challenging yourself and dare to exit from your comfort zone
  • You can commit to attending and participating to the meetings
please do not join a mastermind if:
  •  You are just looking for a place to meet other people casually
  • you are easily offended or hurt when people share their opinions straightfully
  •  You don’t want to commit the time and energy to achieve greater goals
  •  You can’t give support nor want to receive support from others in the group
  •  You can’t commit to attending the meetings
  • You work better by yourself
  • You already have a group of people who give you all the support you need
  • You are not willing to change, grow or explore new situations

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