5) What is a “Hot Seat”?

A hot seat is where you get the opportunity to address your question or problem to the group. You’re forced to gain clarity about what you are asking, so you can explain it. The rest of the members brainstorm to help provide solutions. You will find that you’ll get more ideas and insights than you can generate on your own.

Depending on the number of members and the length of the meeting, a hot seat can last from 15 to 30 minutes. Hot seats are distributed equally and all members should get to be in the hot seat at least once a month.

The “hot seat” is the essence of the mastermind group. It’s where you get your problems addressed and everyone contributes to the discussion to help you.

Some people feel shy or introverted or they worry they may not have an idea to contribute. But even the silliest idea can be the starting point of a revolutionary break-through. Relax, trust your intuition, and let it go. The collective genius of MasterMind will do the rest.

Everyone gets a chance to speak in turn, the facilitator works to give equal weight to everyone. Many times you will have a comment or an idea to contribute, but if not, do not worry, you can just listen to the other`s interventions. It is not required to give your opinion on every topic.

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