6) facilitator? members?

A Mastermind is not a business cards exchange meeting nor a place to promote products or services to the other members.

Of course, pyramid-type MLM schemes or recruiting people for a political or religious group is strictly prohibited.

It’s not a place to find your soulmate or a social gathering to have a few drinks.

Participants to Masterminds are business owners, freelancers, employees, housewives, students who are interested in self-development, and/or want to find solutions to specific problems.

A mastermind group is about the members supporting and sharing with each other: it is not a seminar or group coaching session.

The facilitator acts to moderate the meeting, to keep it on time, on topic, and keep the conversation flowing between the members.

The facilitator is not a coach or an expert, anyway, a good facilitator has a general knowledge of the main subjects of conversation, will fill the gaps and may recommend a reading, a resource or help summarize the takeaways of a meeting.

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