7) where, when, who, and how much?


Kobe Mastermind meets in Kobe Kitanocho (Ponte: 3-6-2 Kitanocho Chuoku Kobe) or online via the ZOOM platform.


We meet every week or biweekly: day and time vary according to the different subgroups that exist within the Kobe Mastermind platform. Normally a mastermind session is 2 hours. Some masterminds may be longer. Check the details on the GROUPS page.

Some programs have a fixed duration (3 months, 6 months etc.) others are ongoing.


Our community is growing and what was not available yesterday may be ready for launch today. If you are interested to try a mastermind, register from the top page of this site. Specify your interests, what you are struggling about and try out a quick personality test. We will try to match you with a compatible group based on these information. If you are not satisfied with the other members or want to change, please let us know by email at kitano (at) ponte.world
Ideal groups are enough targeted so that the topics discussed are in your sphere of interest but contain enough variety to provide innovative points of view.

Usually a meeting consists of a brainstorming between 4~8 people.
The mastermind itself may consist of a larger group (20 to 100 people) as long as systems are implemented to ensure a dense exchange between the members and a regular rotation between hot seats.


Some masterminds are free, some other require a charge. The first session is free (consider it a trial).
Masterminds are still very rare in Japan and also for this reason the participation fee tends to be much cheaper than in countries where this custom is well established. Expect a cost ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 JPY for a program of 3 months (12 sessions) per person.

more details?

check in the “GROUPS” page.

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