8) privacy?

All Members have to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that all information exchanged during the mastermind is confidential.

It is imperative that Members can feel safe to share their private information in a relaxed and sincere atmosphere and the facilitator is doing his best to create a climate of reciprocal trust and to warn or ban people who do not respect the secrecy oath.


To avoid the ground for conflicts, we try to compose the groups so that there may be overlap in interest and specialization between the members but no direct competition (example: avoid having two construction companies in the same area in the same group)


Said that Members have to use their common sense and refrain to share delicate or classified information. Kobe mastermind cannot be held responsible for information leak under any circumstance.


unless otherwise specified, meetings are recorded through the ZOOM platform and made available for the members who want to review it or were not able to participate to that meeting.
The images in the recordings may be used by Kobe Mastermind for promotion or educative purposes subject to the approval of the parties involved

privacy policy

Kobe Mastermind will not sell or share under any form Members’ private information obtained through the meetings or submitted in the sign-up procedure (name, mail address, interest, personality type, etc.) .
Kobe Mastermind may ask for permission from the people involved to use any personal material and will do so only upon receipt of said permission.

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