9) commitment

This is not a legal office and there is no regulation that can prevent abuse.
Also if there are too many rules, it becomes difficult to share, give and receive help.
You may encounter some bad people also in this mastermind.
Everything can be a learning experience. Always keep your eyes open, walk with your legs and do not hesitate to report any misconduct or ask questions if you are in doubt.

Always behave with morality and use your sense of judgment.
Here is a summary of some of the key points to fully enjoy your mastermind:

positive attitude:

Respect the other members, their problems, and their point of view. No member is put-down or embarrassed.
Do not impose your values or idea of success. For some people can be financial success for others personal or spiritual success. Verify first where the other member is aimed before advising him or her about the next step.
Controversial topics, such as politics, religion, sex should almost in any circumstance be kept out of the discussion.


Commit to participate in all meetings, show up on time, participate in the “hot seat”,  offer help to others when you have something to give, listen fully, and ask clarifying questions when needed. Do your best to attend all meetings. However, when vacations and emergencies occur, please notify the facilitator in advance.

Have a clear agenda:

Only those who plant seeds will reap their harvest. Do not hope to be shaken by the other participant’s energy. If you do not have a goal you will not reach it and you will not be able to help others so be sure to do your homework.

be fair:

Nobody is there at your service. Leave space to the others both when occupying a hot seat or when giving advice to others.


No need for hypocrisy or juggling with words. Try to be kind but straightforward. Mastermind Members care for other Members’ success, not for their feelings.
Most Members rely on the mastermind to have an unbiased opinion so leave your bourgeois etiquette and prejudices out of the door.

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